Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

We define Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as our commitment to work as partners with all our stakeholders to effectively improve the quality of life of the members of our workforce, their families and the local communities around our facilities.

CSR is locally managed and specific responsibilities have been assigned for coordinating local projects, communicating CSR activities internally and to external stakeholders, establishing stakeholders’ dialogue and relations, as well as participating in corporate monitoring, evaluation and reporting.

Our CSR approach focuses on six main pillars business conduct, employment practices, occupational health and safety (OH&S), community Involvement, customer and supplier relations, and monitoring and reporting.

 Employment Practices

Sitara Energy Limited counted 276 employees as at June 30, 2014. A large share of this number live in communities where we are a major employer and source of income we pay competitive wages and offer employees numerous benefits, including professional development opportunities through internal training and payment of tuition for approved external programs.

 Occupational Health & Safety

We are committed to provide healthy and safe workplaces. Towards this end, we have embarked on a comprehensive assessment and renewal of our approach to the management of occupational health and safety and all production facilities are fully compliant with quality standards.

 Community Relations

We are committed to be responsible neighbors. This means operating in compliance with applicable regulations and being an integral part of the life of our communities. We accomplish this through support of local non profit organizations, providing access to our properties and engaging in constant dialogue with residents to inform them of our activities and listen and respond to their concerns. Through these and other actions, we seek to make difference in our community. Our presence has a measurable positive economic impact on our Community our products are essential to the industry, a key driver of economic activity that generates significant direct and indirect benefits in the value chain. Because our electricity and steam is generally consumed in proximity to their source, their utilization benefits local communities. Combined with the salaries and benefits, direct and indirect taxes that we pay annually, as well as our capital expenditures, our presence has measurable positive economic impact not only on our communities but also on the country as a whole.