Vision, Mission and PBA

Vision, Mission and Details of Permissible Business Activities


Sitara Energy Limited through its innovative technology and effective resource management has maintained high ethical and professional standards to create a work environment that fosters pride, job satisfaction and equal opportunity for career growth for the employees.


Our principled and honest business practices are focused to provide reliable & economical power to our customers, to maximize return to the shareholders and to respect all other stakeholders & community.


The main objects for which the Company is established are as follows:

To carry on the business of general electric power supply company in all the branches, and to construct, lay down, establish, fix and carry out all necessary power stations, cables, wires, lines, accumulators, lamps, and works and to generate, accumulate, distribute and supply electricity and to light industries and places, both public and private, cities, towns, streets, docks, markets, theatres, building and for all other purpose for which electrical energy can be employed.